Friday, November 19, 2010


The Florida peninsula and the southeastern U.S. on the kind of evening that I miss most about our planet. A clear autumn night with moonlight over the water and the sky filled with a billion stars.

This is indeed a priceless masterpiece, but not painted by human hands. If I could travel in time, I would love to meet one of the great Impressionists and share this picture... and listen to their thoughts. Back by request... you likely won’t need any hints to guess this 'mystery location'

A clear starry night over the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea . Ancient lands with thousands of years of history stretching from Athens, Greece all the way around the Med to Cairo, Egypt. Storied lands, fabled cities, and alluring islands... Athens - Crete - Rhodes - Izmir - Ankara - Cyprus - Damascus - Beirut - Haifa - Amman - Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Cairo are beacons on this cool November night. Grace and Peace from the sanctity of space...

Europe on a cool autumn night. The Mediterranean Riviera and beautiful mosaic along the coastline from Valencia, Spain to Livorno, Italy and all the magical places in between. Can you see Monte Carlo? How about Pisa, Italy? Barcelona, Spain? Or, maybe you can find Andorra nestled in the Pyrenees mountains... or have memories of one of the islands...

Istanbul, Turkey

A bright shimmering city with an ancient and storied history. A city that has witnessed the rise and fall of empires. The only city in the world that bridges two continents. A hub of commerce, culture, and religion... connecting the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara and the Mediterranean Sea beyond. ...I am anxious to hear your reflections of this great city...

As requested.. Ireland at Night. Sorry for the problems with 'ping' back with 'twitpic'. This was a beautiful night pass over the Emerald Isle ...a little foggy, but otherwise a clear night. The mystery Cape in my previous twitpic is Cape Bridgewater on the southern coast of Australia.

Aurora Borealis in the distance on this beautiful night over Europe. The Strait of Dover is pretty clear as is Paris, the City of Lights. A little fog over the western part of England and London. It is incredible to see the lights of the cities and small towns against the backdrop of deep space. I am going to miss this view of our wonderful world...

The 'mystery island' in my recent tweet is Isle Juan de Nova in the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and the African mainland. The beautiful colors rival the amazing places in the Caribbean, like the islands in this photo. Hint: This photo was taken only 2 minutes after the photo in my previous tweet of the Caribbean City.

Here is a night image of Capetown, South Africa

The Earth at night, when viewed from space, is a beautiful mosaic of light that stirs the imagination. Landscape - water - climate - coastline - technology - accessibility, all defining the brilliant fingerprints and patchwork of lights that mark our presence on the planet. . An explosion of life and motion at the southern tip of the continent.

Aurora Borealis as I will forever paint it in my dreams. Almost time to return home... no regrets... but mixed emotions.
Leonardo da Vinci was right... "For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been... and there you will long to return."

'Mystery Island' ...located in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar. Interesting features on the island and the unusual shape should be enough to help you discover this beautif

Mt. Fuji towering over the beautiful autumn landscape near Tokyo. Captured this photo for my friend Nara-san and our training team in Tsukuba, Japan. You are right here with us in spirit. Seeing the majesty of Mt. Fuji from space is a profoundly emotional moment…flooded with great memories of our time together. It seems that time slips by so quickly like sand through an hourglass.

Morning breaking over the majestic Andes in South America . I really am not sure of the name of this mountain…just was in awe of its majesty, reaching into the windswept heights and the rising sun. Another day... another chance to stand tall and be counted.

A night view of the Nile River winding up through the Egyptian desert toward the Mediterranean Sea, and Cairo in the river delta. Such a stark contrast between the dark desolate lifeless desert of northern Africa and the Nile River teeming with life along its shores. In the distance... the eastern Mediterranean on a beautiful autumn evening.


The Space Station basking in blue Earthshine as the rising sun pierces our razor-thin atmosphere to cover the Space Station with blue light. I’ll never forget this place…seeing this makes the heart soar and the soul sing. Colonel Douglass H Wheelock.

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