Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The moon at sunrise lends an otherworldly feel to the freshwater lakes and pearly sands along the edge of lonely Shelburne Bay, on the remote northeast flank of the Cape York Peninsula."

Sunset over the Beaufort Sea plunges Canada's Yukon Territory into a crimson haze. More than 313,000 tourists make summer pilgrimages to the territory, one of North America's last great wildernesses. Today tourism booms there, drawing adventurers to the frontier's glaciated peaks, untouched wilderness, and abundant wildflowers and wildlife.

Splendor of the past endures in an Egyptian pyramid. Camels have provided desert transport in parts of Africa and Asia since ancient times."

The sun sets on the first-century ruins of Nemrud Dagh, Turkey,
millennia after it set on the ancient kingdom itself. Built by King Antiochus I in southeastern Turkey, the kingdom is one of the best preserved but least known ruins of the Late Hellenistic period. Its monuments are a story in stone depicting the king, his family and ancestors, and their interaction with the gods.

"The stone spires off Victoria's coast are called the Twelve Apostles ..."

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